Stone Template

Stone responsive template features different background textures and shapes. This is Bootstrap v3.2.0 mobile ready layout.

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454 Compass

Compass is fast and fluid one-page HTML design. Orange, white, and darkgray colors used in a combination. It includes Image Slider,...


453 Outline

Outline is one-page web template with vertical sliding page transition. Bootstrap v3.3.1 layout.


451 Modest

Modest responsive template is simple and small portfolio page that can be used for any purpose.


450 Awesome

Awesome is free responsive theme based on Bootstrap v3.3.2 mobile ready layout. Blue and darkgray colors are used.

Stone Template is licensed under Creative Commons. Permissions beyond the scope of this license is available here. You are allowed to download, edit and use this Stone HTML CSS layout for your commercial or non-commercial sites. Please share Stone Template to your friends. Thank you.

Added: 29 April 2015    Downloads: 13,556

Creative Commons License

Tags: responsive, multi-page, bootstrap, blue, darkgray

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