Teal Template

Teal Com is a free CSS template using teal and dark gray colors, standards-compliant layout

templatemo 177 teal

179 Stable

Stable Template is a professionally designed 2-column fixed width layout in dark, light blue and white color combination.


178 Floral Designer

Floral Designer is a standards-compliant HTML CSS layout that can be used for any purpose.


176 Christmas

Christmas template is a 2-column fixed width layout, included a subpage with 3 levels of commenting


175 Gift Blog

Gift blog template is a beautiful 2-column layout, left aligned, fixed width, contains a subpage with 3 levels of commenting

Teal Template is licensed under Creative Commons. Permissions beyond the scope of this license is available here. You are allowed to download, edit and use this Teal HTML CSS layout for your commercial or non-commercial sites. Please share Teal Template to your friends. Thank you.

Added: 21 December 2009    Downloads: 20,685

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